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Some mp3 music from groups or people I have been lucky enough to be involved with over the years:

All The Things You Are
1983 RIT Jazz Ensemble

Michael Amaral live at the 2000 Perfect Holiday Bash

Baroque & Blues
Robin Drivers (flute), Ed Schell (piano), Kevin Surace (drums) by Claude Bolling ~1985

Cameron Sellers live at the 1999 Perfect Holiday Bash

Rich, Larry Gerndt, Kevin - 1988

Flute Solo
Michelle Wedig, floutist ~2000

Gonna Getcha
Composed by Mark Frank - 1989

I Saw Three Ships
Laudamus 1999 Christmas Concert

In This Very Room
1991 QofA Choir, Ron Bousque soloist

In a Very Unusual Way
Michelle Wedig, vocalist ~2000

Over the Rainbow
Cameron Sellers live at the 2000 Perfect Holiday Bash

Rhythm of Life
RIT Singers 1985

RIT Singers 1985

This is the Moment
Michelle Wedig, vocalist ~2000

This is the Moment
Michael Amaral LIVE at the 2000 Perfect Holiday Bash

Thy Word
Test mix - St. Lawrence Choir, May 2007 (download zip version here)

What Child is This
Laudamus 1999 Christmas Concert

We Three Kings
Laudamus 1999 Christmas Concert

WG Wildcat Band 1977

WG Wildcat Band 1978

WG Wildcat Band 1979

White Lightning Samba
Based on a theme by Nick Baratta. Kevin, Charlie Lyon, Mark Frank ~1987